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Aim High players playing at Redskins vs Jets Game
  • Ellanor C Lawrence Park Athletic Field > Field 1 (Field 1 ) 5200 Sully Rd Centreville, VA 20120

  • Ellanor C Lawrence Park Athletic Field > Field 4 Field 1A (Field 1A) 5200 Sully Rd Centreville, VA 20120

  • Ellanor C Lawrence Park Athletic Field > Field 4 Field 2B (Field 2B) 5200 Sully Rd Centreville, VA 20120

Spring Season Schedule - House
April 6 - Game 1 OPENING DAY!
April 13 - Cancelled due to weather
No Game on April 20
April 27 - Game 2 and Picture day
May 4 - Game 3
May 11 - Game 4
May 18 - Game 5
No Game Memorial day weekend
June 1 - Game 6- End of regular season
June 8 - Playoffs
Super Bowl TBD- Possibly June 15
Spring Season Schedule - Travel Flag Football

Here is the link to view the schedule for the Travel division -

*Travel Flag Football program will participate with other flag football leagues from Fairfax and Loudoun counties and therefore games will be played on Sundays. The first game will be April 14, 2019. There will be no game Easter weekend and Memorial Day weekend. The championship games will be June 9, 2019.

Fairfax Football Academy
Picture Day Schedule - House
Picture Day is Saturday, April 27, 2019. Please see the schedule below. The photographers will be set up by the playground near Field 4 to take everyone's pictures and we will have picture forms at the tent. Thank you!

12:00pm Baltimore Ravens - Wells
12:15pm Detroit Lions - Robinson
1:00pm Dallas Cowboys - Walker
1:15pm Cleveland Browns - Bazaz
2:15pm Washington Redskins - Terry
2:15pm Kansas City Chiefs - Thyman
3:00pm Los Angeles Rams - Andros
3:15pm Oakland Raiders - Stauffer

8:15am Detroit Lions - Robinson
8:15am Tennessee Titans - Gunn
9:15am Seattle Seahawks - Dunn
9:15am Atlanta Falcons - DelMonte
10:00am Pittsburgh Steelers - Boccia
10:00am Indianapolis Colts - Ellison/Ball/Jacobson
10:45am Kansas City Chiefs - Panzer
11:00am New York Giants - A Gonzalez
11:00am Philadelphia Eagels - Ringhoffer
11:15am Washington Redskins - J Gonzalez

8:00am Buffalo Bills - Turk
8:00am Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Maltese
9:00am Minnesota Vikings - Williams
9:00am New Orleans Saints - Gaskins
10:15am Pittsburgh Steelers - Juliano
10:15am Detroit Lions - Robinson
1:00pm Atlanta Falcons - Manetti
1:15pm Washington Redskins - J Gonzalez
2:00pm Houston Texans - Rusnak
2:00pm Cleveland Browns - Bokus
2:45pm Dallas Cowboys - Parker
2:45pm Los Angeles Chargers - Croft

7:45am Houston Texans - Makhlouf
7:45am Philadelphia Eagles - Lyles
8:45am Buffalo Bills - Fisher
8:45am Detroit Lions - O'Connor
1:45pm Chicago Bears - Nawaz
1:45pm Atlanta Falcons - Turk

9:45am Chicago Bears - Nawaz
9:45am Los Angeles Chargers - Hinckley
10:45am Tennessee Titans - Steele
11:15am Minnesota Vikings - Williams
11:45am Kansas City Chiefs - Resto
11:45am Jacksonville Jaguars - Jones
12:45pm San Francisco 49ers - Finnell
12:45pm Oakland Raiders - Stauffer