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Coach Process- Team Connect

Coach Process:

From Start To Finish

To join your team on Team Connect, just look for your invitation in your email. The invitation will be sent to the same email address that you used when you registered as a coach with our sports organization. Click the link in the invitation email and follow the instructions on the screen to accept your invitation

Top 5 things to do on Team Connect

#1 ­ Set up your personal profile
Just click your name in the black bar at the top of the Team Connect page and choose MY SETTINGS in the pull down menu.
• Click on PROFILE to add your photo, set up your mobile phone for text messaging, and add other personal information.
• Click on NOTIFICATIONS to turn on and off text messaging and email notifications depending on the type of message sent.
• Click on TEAMS to view the teams where you are currently assigned.
#2 ­Send group email using the Announcements tool
Head to Email & Announcements and then click "Add new email / announcement". Post a hello announcement to your team ­and they can respond back in the comments.
Announcements are automatically emailed and will be sent to team members who have not accepted their invitation to Team Connect yet.
#3 ­ Post game schedules, practices or other events.
Check out your team's schedule if posted by your club or enter your own game schedule. You can see all the dates and times, view a map of the game location, see the weather, and lots more! Click "Add new item to schedule" above the calendar to add your first practice.
Roster members are automatically notified when you add new events.
#4 ­ Print your team roster
Just click the ROSTER button on the left. When your roster displays, click the print icon located at the top of the page.
When you click on the printer icon, you'll have different options for the type of roster to print. The "official roster" comes directly from your club.
#5 ­ Have Some Fun & Post Photos
Got great photos of your team in action? Go to Photo Albums, where you can upload pics from your last game, practice, or team get ­together. You can add photos to existing albums or create your own.

How do parents accept their invitation?
When your organization turns on Team Connect, the primary parent for your youth player is sent an email invitation to join the team. After the parent accepts their invitation, they can visit the Family Dashboard which shows the parent:
• Which family members are on what team
• Which family members need to accept their invitations to a team (optional)
• Which family members are not currently showing on the team roster so a request can be sent to the coach to add additional parents to the team roster.
What can parents do online?
• Set up their own profiles
• Their players profile
• Adjust their notifications for text and email messages
• View the team roster
• View the team schedule
• Post comments
• Upload photos
• Communicate with other team members
• Manage their children's accounts