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There are a few items listed below that we want coaches, parents, and players to be reminded of or, if you are new to Aim High, informed of.

1. Coaching Conduct:
* Each season, we meet with ALL coaches (Kinder-Highschool) to review the goals and rules for Aim High. We rely on our families for feedback on some of these areas, however any issue that is brought to our attention is handled in the moment, through email or by a conversation. We do take all issues with coach's conduct very seriously. The coach's role is to lead by example in demonstrating respect, fair play, and sportsmanship.
2. Playing Time/Position:
* Our Aim High rule book has guidelines for playtime. This is an area which we do consider a top priority, as we want each player to have their chance on the field.
* Our goal at Aim High is for coaches to get to know the strengths in our players. Over the course of a season, each coaching staff is able to help each player grow in their strengths.
3. Sportsmanship/Competition:
* Aim High has strong beliefs on positive sportsmanship. Our number one goal is to educate all players on flag football skills, while ensuring their safety and also sportsmanship. This needs to happen in a positive learning environment.
* We also believe that our goal is to help each child grow in their abilities and begin to understand positive competition. That being said, we do not push our children to win, but to have a winning attitude and express support for both teams as they play. Their takeaway each Saturday should always be that they have tried their hardest and that we believe in them and their abilities.