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Coaches Conduct Form

COACHES CONDUCT aim high.pdf

Coaches are expected to comply with the procedures outlined in our Coach's Conduct.

1.) Playtime- EACH PLAYER MUST PLAY AT LEAST 3 QUARTERS OF THE GAME. Each player needs to sit out for at least 7 minutes. We understand if you have just enough players to field a team then this does not apply. This is MANDATORY and will be enforced.

2.) Winning at all cost - The enemy in youth sports is the obsession with winning. It is driving children out of sports. It is not preparing them to succeed in sports or in life.

3.) FUN is the major motivator for kids in sports. Kids like to compete, but it's the fun of competing, the excitement of competing, not just the winning.

4.) Practice requirement:

  • We require 1 practice a week for Kinder/1st. A second practice is optional only.
  • 2nd/3rd and up most coaches like to hold 2 practices a week. That is fine as it helps children learn more etc.... but if players are not available then one is mandatory and 2nd one is optional only.
Coaches, remember that fundamentals need to be taught as there are a mixture of kids on each team. Some that have played football before and some that are new to it. All kids must be treated the same way. Please be patient with the kids and remember it is not about winning.

It is extremely important that we, as coaches, remember that a successful youth coach is defined not in terms of a win-loss record, but in terms of how many kids decide to return to play again next year.